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aespa Picks Giselle As Member With No.1 Bare Face, “Prettier Than Her Face With Makeup On”

aespa chose the member who has the best bare face among them

Girl group aespa guested on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” broadcast on November 25th.

On the show, Lee Jin-ho mentioned Park Myung-soo selecting Winter as the prettiest celebrity in real life and said, “Other members must be sad”. In response, Karina said, “That’s his taste. We respect that”.

Lee Soo-geun then asked, “You guys see each other removing makeup at your dorm, right? Who is the member with the No.1 bare face in aespa?”. Winter replied, “Giselle. Her skin is so nice. Sometimes I think her bare face is even prettier than when she has stage makeup on”.

Karina also picked Giselle, saying “Her bare face is really pretty”. NingNing chose Karina.

When Kim Hee-chul asked, “Then who’s the No.1 according to the person with the most votes Giselle?”. Giselle hesitated for a while and said, “I choose NingNing”.

Source: Nate

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