aespa Karina surprised at seeing presidential candidate danced to “Next Level”, “I can feel our popularity”

aespa member Karina said that she really felt the popularity of aespa after seeing the broadcast of Korea’s presidential election.

On July 21st, Kpop girl group aespa appeared in a video titled: “Drinking with aespa⭐ They are going to make snake wine with Black Mamba at this rate!”, which was published on the YouTube channel “STUDIO HOOK”.

The video was an episode from Kim Hee Chul’s web show “Streat Alcohol Fighter”, and featured aespa members Karina, Winter, Ningning, and Giselle, who recently made a comeback with their 2nd mini album “Girl”, which was released on July 8th. 

As the leader, Karina introduced aespa’s new song, mentioning senior artists in SM Entertainment and saying: “Our new song is peculiar in the sense that it’s a mixture of TVXQ, SuperM, and NCT’s style.”


Kim Hee Chul then asked aespa: “Are there times when you can really reel that you’ve become really famous?” 

At this, Karina mentioned the presidential election, when “Next Level” was played during the ballot counting broadcast. “I was really surprised to see that broadcast,” the female idol said. 


Previously on March 9th, SBS broadcasted the ballot counting of Korea’s presidential election, where Lee Jae Myung, the then presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Korea, could be seen dancing to aespa’s hit song “Next Level”. 

Hearing this, Kim Hee Chul exclaimed: “That was really popular!”. He then boasted that a song from his group, Super Junior, was also played during the 2008 presidential election ballot counting broadcast. 

Source: nate

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