Female Idol Mentions Having Suicidal Thoughts, Wanted to Jump from the 10th Floor

A female K-pop idol disclosed about hardships that drove her to have thoughts of jumping out of a window on the 10th floor. 

On March 2, a member from BLACKSWAN, Fatou, who is known for being a rare black idol in the K-pop industry, appeared on the TV program “Gone PD” and shared about the challenges she faced throughout her career. 

According to Fatou, her group has undergone numerous lineup changes, and losing old members causes the female idol to feel depressed. 

“I felt like my life had lost its meaning”, Fatour disclosed, adding that she started to drink and stayed in the house. 

The female idol also mentioned having suicidal thought but holding back because of her mother, saying, “We lived on the 10th floor, I looked down, I opened the window, but suddenly I thought of my mom. You can’t do this to your mom.” 

The video capturing Fatou’s words has since been published on the SNS platform X, drawing almost 400 thousand views. Under the reply section, various fans express their worries, leaving comments on how they love Fatou and how they never wants her to feel like that anymore. 

Source: X 

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