Park Min-young is the No.1 Trending Actor for 7 Straight Weeks with ‘Marry My Husband’: Another Prime Era 18 Years into Debut

Park Min-young, starring as Kang Ji-won in tvN’s ongoing Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Marry My Husband,’ has secured the No.1 spot in the ranking of the most buzzworthy TV-OTT drama cast members for the third week of February, maintaining her position as the top-trending actor for seven consecutive weeks.

marry my husband-park min young

In particular, Park Min-young, portraying Kang Ji-won in ‘Marry My Husband,’ has convincingly showcased the character’s diverse emotions and situations dramatically, proving her acting skills as an actress with 18 years of experience.

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Park Min-young’s performance in ‘Marry My Husband’ from the very first episode, displaying what ‘fighting tooth and nail’ truly means, captivating viewers with her perfect charisma.

Source: daum

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