Reason ‘Daesang Winner’ NewJeans did not attend MAMA this year? “Min Hee-jin Was Very Upset”

Many people are questioning why NewJeans did not perform at MAMA despite winning two Daesangs

On November 30th, reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin-ho uploaded a new video titled “Justice for NewJeans is served! Why didn’t they attend MAMA despite winning awards?”.

Regarding the reason NewJeans did not attend MAMA even though they won two Daesangs, Lee Jin-ho said, “To explain this, we need to go back to MAMA Awards held in Osaka last year”, adding “At that time, NewJeans made a bit hit with their debut album and immediately became the hottest K-pop group. That’s why it was normal for NewJeans to be invited to perform at the 2022 MAMA Awards.”

He continued, “That day, NewJeans took the stage and presented a combo stage of 4 songs, including ‘Cookie’ and ‘Attention’. In other words, NewJeans did everything they could. They tried to enhance the status of MAMA in their own way”, adding “However, NewJeans failed to win Best New Artist last year. The winner was IVE, their rival group. IVE also caused a sensation with the huge popularity of ‘Love Dive’. They did get enough significant achievements to win the award so it is difficult to say it was unfair.”


Other than Best New Artist, NewJeans did not receive any other awards either. They came home empty-handed. Mentioning the Favorite New Artist award, Lee Jin-ho said, “Groups that won the award last year were IVE, NMIXX, LE SSERAFIM and Kep1er. It was a special award introduced last year and only rookies could receive it”, adding “However, there’s a condition for this awards. During the score-calculating period, the group’s cumulative physical sales must exceed 1 million copies. That’s why NewJeans couldn’t even get nominated”.

Since their debut in July last year, NewJeans has just released one album. Due to such a condition, the group was excluded from MAMA nomination list. Lee Jin-ho explained, “Recording only 440,000 copies of their first album but NewJeans created a syndrome. However, they were evaluated based on only one album at the awards ceremony. As a result, they left Korea to perform without getting a single nomination”

The YouTuber said, “There’s another ridiculous thing. So why did NewJeans perform at MAMA last year? It was because CEO Min Hee-jin received Breakout Producer. As a result, NewJeans members stood on the stage for someone else’s award. There were voices of criticism, wondering ‘Didn’t they create that award to have NewJeans perform at MAMA?’. It is known that CEO Min Hee-jin was very upset after witnessing the entire series of events.”

Min Hee-jin

“Ever since MAMA awards ceremony last year, NewJeans has never appeared on M Countdown. They perform on all music shows except for that one”, he added.

Earlier, NewJeans won two Daesangs together with Best Female Group and Best Dance Performance (Female Group) at the 2023 MAMA Awards on November 29th. The girl group achieved this only one year after their debut.

Source: Nate

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