Actor Kim Min-seok is considering the main role in drama “Shark” season 2

Actor Kim Min-seok has been offered the lead role in “Shark Season 2”, which will be produced as a drama following “Shark: The Beginning”.

Actor Kim Min-seok is considering the main role in drama “Shark” season 2

According to OSEN’s report on November 17th, there is a high possibility that Kim Min-seok will play the main character in a new drama – “Shark” season 2.

Shark” is a movie based on an action webtoon of the same name. It depicts a real survival action when a victim of school violence Cha Woo-sol (Kim Min-seok), who was imprisoned in a juvenile prison due to an unexpected accident, meets Jung Do-hyun (Wi Ha-joon), an MMA champion, and breaks his own limits one by one. It was released as Tving’s original movie “Shark: The Beginning” in June.

In “Shark: The Beginning”, Cha Woo-sol succeeded in taking his revenge, which left a hint for a new season 2. Since the original webtoon also deals with the story after “Shark: The Beginning”, expectations for the production of Season 2 were raised. Therefore, the production team has planned to make Season 2 a drama version in order to depict more stories and spectacular actions scenes than Season 1, which was released as a movie.

Actor Kim Min-seok is considering the main role in drama “Shark” season 2

In particular, Kim Min-seok was also offered the role of Cha Woo-sol in the season 2 drama, following “Shark: The Beginning”. In this regard, Kim Min-seok’s representative told OSEN, “It is true that Kim Min-seok got an offer to appear in Season 2 from the production team of ‘Shark’. However, he has not received any detailed script because they are still in the process of designing a synopsis. He is still considering the role at the moment.”

Kim Min-seok made his debut in the entertainment industry in 2011 by joining Mnet’s audition program “Superstar K Season 3” then started his acting career by appearing in tvN’s drama “Shut Up! Flower Boy Band”. After appearing in KBS 2TV’s drama “Descendants of the Sun”, Kim Min-seok made his face known to the public as the “baby soldier” along with the success of this series.

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