Kim So Hyun confirms her appearance in “Useless Lie”

Actress Kim So Hyun has confirmed her next work.

Kim So Hyun‘s agency, Ieum Hashtag, said on Nov 11th that “Kim So Hyun has been cast as Mok Sol Hee in the new drama ‘Useless Lie’ (written by Seo Jung Eun/directed by Nam Sung Woo).”

Kim so-hyun

“Useless Lie” is a mystery romance in which a woman who cannot trust people because of her ability to hear lies is entangled with a murder suspect who does not believe in innocence and digs into the truth.

On top of that, director Nam Sung Woo, who has built a solid reputation across action and romance genres through dramas such as “Kkondae Intern” and “My Roommate is A Gumiho,” is expected to create a unique synergy between the two main characters.

Kim So Hyun plays the role of “Liar Hunter” Mok Sol Hee, who has a special ability to hear lies in the drama. Mok Sol Hee thinks that her special ability is a curse, not a superpower, and in order to effectively utilize it, she will transform into a “Liar Hunter” who listens to people’s lies and lead the story.

Kim So Hyun is scheduled to appear in two new dramas, “Useless Lie” and “Is It A Coincidence?” which are set to air in 2023.

Sources: daum

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