Actor Jisoo Reveals Whereabouts On SNS After Explaining School Violence Scandal

After resuming SNS activity and explaining his past controversy, Jisoo delivered his recent status through a photo

On November 23rd, Jisoo uploaded a photo showing his whereabouts on his SNS account. Alongside the picture, he left a short message “Early winter”. Fans were glad to see his new updates after a long time.

This is the first time after two years that Jisoo released a photo. After releasing his last photo on February 8th, 2021, Jisoo did not post anything until recently. The actor also showed his face for the first time in a while.

Last month, Jisoo shared a link to an interview article explaining his school violence controversy after two years. In the interview, Jisoo said he had resolved all misunderstandings with the first person who made the school violence revelation. The actor also clarified that the sexual assault and other allegations were all false.

Earlier in 2021, Jisoo was embroiled in a school violence allegation. A claimed themselves as a classmate in middle school and exposed Jisoo’s bad behaviors in the past, such as bullying, insulting and using abusive language.

When the controversy arose, Jisoo issued an apology then suspended his acting activities. He dropped out of KBS2’s drama “River Where The Moon Rises” and went on a hiatus. During that time, the actor enlisted as a social service worker and fulfilled his military duty.

As Jisoo has resumed SNS activities and even posted a photo of himself, fans are curious about whether he will make a comeback.

Source: Naver

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