Soyou reveals weight “Around 55~59kg, I got so many muscles”

Soyou surprisingly revealed her weight, saying that weight is not important.

On August 23rd, Soyou’s interview video was uploaded on the YouTube channel “THE STAR MAGAZINE”.

Soyou, who made a comeback with her new song “Aloha”, conducted counseling content in which she received questions from subscribers and answered them honestly.


To the question “I began work out from 3 months ago. I’m losing my body fat well, but no change for muscle at all. However, I’m concerned about my weight for trying to gain more muscle by eating more. Please give me an advice“, Soyou shared, “This is so important though. Weight is not important.

She surprisingly revealed her weight, “My weight is around 55~59kg. But I don’t look like that, right?” She explained, “Because I got so many muscles.”

Soyou said, “Key is to lose body fat. Although the weight is the same, the body with and without muscle is so much different. For losing weight while losing body fat at the same time, I think that’s because you don’t eat much.

She expressed sincere support, “If you get more muscle, you lose your body fat. So don’t care about the weight. Weight is a thing that only I know. Just eat well and work out well. Do weight training and cardio.”


Soyou also mentioned the lyrics of her song “7”, “I’ll be a pretty girl. As I’ll be cool without any make-up. My world would be a petal.”

Soyou recommended this song with a remark full of self-esteem, “Rather than making up my beauty, I need to love myself to be loved by others.

Source: Naver

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