Yoo Ah In tests positive with abusing the fifth illegal drug

New test results show that Yoo Ah In is positive with the fifth banned substance. 

On April 11th, according to an exclusive news delivered by Yonhap News, Yoo Ah In was found to have abused the fifth banned substance, Zolpidem. In total, Yoo Ah In has been tested positive with 5 banned substances, including marijuana, propofol, ketamine, cocaine and Zolpidem. 

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Yoo Ah In was suspected to receive the medication from hospitals and clinics, and used them regularly. It is the same case as ketamine and cocaine. At first, no tests were done to detect Zolpidem. However, after raiding medical facilities, the police found more evidence suggesting that the actor was abusing the substance. Zolpidem is a sedative-hypnotic drug to help with insomnia. However, as abuse of this substance can develop into addiction, doctors cannot prescribe more than 10mg per day for patients. 

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Yoo Ah In is tested positive with 5 banned substances 

In response to the test results, Yoo Ah In denied some allegations. He admitted to abusing marijuana, but affirmed that the use of propofol and ketamine was legal for medical treatment. He also denied using cocaine. 

Previously, on the afternoon of April 10th, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said they were in the process of looking for Yoo Ah In’s accomplice in using meth. They also had plans to summon the actor in the near future. 

Source: K14, Yonhap News 

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