‘A Good Day To Be A Dog’ Highlights Revealed By Cha Eun-woo, Park Gyu-young & Lee Hyun-woo

“A Good Day to Be a Dog” main cast hinted at interesting details in their upcoming drama

On October 7th, MBC’s new Wednesday drama “A Good Day to Be a Dog”, scheduled to premiere at 9 p.m. on the 11th, unveiled keywords and highlights of the drama selected by the main cast.

Cha Eun-woo plays Jin Seo-won, a math teacher who is afraid of dogs due to a trauma in his childhood. He shared, “The stories of the main character from the past to the present are intertwined with each other, and I hope you can laugh a lot while enjoying the drama”. He defined the drama as “candy” and explained, “It has a sweetness that flutters your heart”.

Park Gyu-young, who appears as Hae-na, a Korean language teacher who is cursed to turn into a dog when she kisses. The actress said, “The production team tried to produce a drama that looks almost the same as the webtoon. The actors also wear clothes similar to that in the webtoon”, adding “Dogs appear in many scenes and they are very cute. I hope the viewers have fun watching the drama.” Regarding “A Good Day to Be a Dog”, Park Gyu-young said, “It’s lovely”.

Lee Hyun-woo takes on the role of Lee Bo-gyeom, a Korean history teacher with a sad smile behind a sad blue blade. He confessed, “The drama will captivate you with the amazing chemistry between the characters and their emotions in each situation”. Describing the drama as “love”, the actor said, “All the stories center around this only one emotion, which is ‘love’”.

Based on a webtoon of the same name by Lee Hye, “A Good Day to Be a Dog” depicts the unpredictable fantasy romance between a woman with a curse of turning into a dog when she kisses and a man who can solve the curse but has a fear of dogs. It will release two consecutive episodes in the first broadcasting week.

Source: Daum

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