A girl group member’s personality revealed by broadcast writers, PDs and more

A “post of beautiful stories” towards Red Velvet Joy is drawing keen attention.

On March 26th, a post titled “Joy’s personality” was uploaded on an online community, becoming a hot topic among fans.

In this post, what PDs, broadcast writers, staff, child actors and fans who have met Joy talked about her are summarized.

red velvet joy

One said, “I’m a fan of Joy, so I asked for her autograph, but she took a selfie for me and was very active.” Others said, “I received hand cream as a gift from her”, “She gave skincare gifts to staff after the filming” and “I hope I can work with her in the next entertainment show.”

It was followed by rave reviews, such as “She hasn’t slept, but she’s always kind and polite to staff, and her taking care of fans is as pretty as her face.”

red velvet joy instagram

Besides, you can find proof shots taken with Joy left by child actors and staff, as well as the figure of Joy who responded with a long piece of writing to the PD who sent a long thank you message to her.

They are expressing their gratitude by tagging Joy directly, such as “With Joy, who is always warmhearted” and “You even take care of staff. What am I supposed to do with this?”

red velvet joy

Most of the responses from netizens who read the post also acknowledge Joy’s personality, saying, “I’ve seen a video where this person has seen Joy once because they worked in the broadcasting field before, and they were surprised because Joy acknowledged and gladly greeted them first after that,” “She seems like a good person after seeing this,” and “I like her because she’s not an arrogant person.”

red velvet joy instagram

Joy, who is recognized for her personality by celebrity colleagues, broadcast field staff, and netizens as well as acquaintances in the online community, has calmed down the controversy over her hacked SNS account with the public’s good impression.

red velvet joy

Last year, someone claimed that they have hacked into Joy’s secret Instagram account, due to which some photos of Joy and Crush dating began to circulate, along with the article “Joy’s 2nd Instagram Account” on the online community.

red velvet joy

However, when her secret account was released, the main response was, “I like Joy.”

Joy’s secret account on Instagram contained Crush and Joy’s appearance on a date at a restaurant, photos taken with her acquaintances, script photos, and proof shots of fan gifts.

red velvet joy

She also drew favor and laughter by following her fan accounts.

Meanwhile, Joy recently made a comeback with Red Velvet’s mini-album “Feel My Rhythm” and proved the group’s popularity by setting a sales record that surpassed the initial record of all of their previous albums.

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