7 female idol songs with the most impressive lyrics in the first half of 2022 selected by Korean netizens

Netizens choose their favorite K-pop girl group songs for the first half of 2022

Recently, Korean netizens have selected songs of girl groups released in the first half of 2022 with the best lyrics. The following is a list of 7 selected songs.

choi yena taeyeon ive oh my girl le sserafim

Note: The order of listing is based on the release date, and there is no ranking among the selected 7 songs. 

1. Choi Yena ‘SMILEY’ (ˣ‿ˣ (SMiLEY) / 2022.1.17.)

  • Lyricists: twlv, BIBI, YENA, 72
  • Composers: Olof Lindskog, Hayley Aitken, twlv, 72
  • Arrangers: OLLIPOP

Actually, that’s not what’s on my mind/ I’m too happy to laugh it away/ For smiling brightly/ The crazy world will call me crazy

It’s not because the world is so beautiful and there’s only so much to laugh about, it’s a song that conveys the strong will of “I smile because my life is a waste.” Contrary to the bright and cheerful atmosphere of the song, the lyrics are even cynical.

2. Taeyeon ‘INVU’ (INVU – The 3rd Album / 2022.2.14.)

  • Lyricist: Full8loom
  • Composers: Peter Wallevik, Daniel Davidsen, Rachel Furner, Jess Morgan
  • Arranger: PhD

“Even I abandon myself/ And lose myself more/ The irony is that you shine more

The idea behind this song is that the girl is the victim of an unrequited love. However, it may be argued that the girl’s conviction that the man she loves doesn’t feel the same way about her isn’t the major problem at hand. Instead, just as, if not more so disturbing is the reality that even after convincingly proving himself uninterested, the girl still cannot get over the addressee. 

Or, as Taeyeon describes in the song’s lyrics, she is the kind of person who invests everything in a relationship. She just is what she is. It appears as though the vocalist has fallen too far while being aware of the risks due to prior experience. So it appears as though she will never, if ever, be able to move on from the addressee.

The title of this song (INVU) is actually meant to be read out ‘I envy you’. And somewhat oddly, this is a sentiment that the vocalist is relaying to her ex, not like the girl he’s currently dating. But apparently, such an expression is meant to illustrate just how much she admires him. 

3. (G)I-DLE ‘Tomboy’ (I NEVER DIE / 2022.3.14.)

  • Lyricist: Jeon Soyeon 
  • Composers: Soyeon Jeon, Poptime, JENCI
  • Arrangers: Poptime, JENCI, Jeon Soyeon 

Yeah, I’m fu- tomboy

Even in the hip-hop scene, where various creative swear words are rampant, they say, “It is not important to blindly swear, but to use it well in the right place.” It’s because not only is it empty, but it’s also not cool that the swear word comes out without context.

(G)I-DLE‘s “Tomboy” is also believed to be cheering when that part explodes because the 

storyline was steadily built before the killing part of “Yeah, I’m fu-tomboy” came out.

The proof of Soyeon’s skills as a professional is that she made a strong killing part and a good plot to support that part. And it is unnecessary to explain how difficult it is for a girl group to write “F Word” and be cheered.

4. Oh My Girl ‘Replay’ (Real Love / 2022.3.28.)

  • Lyricist: Seo Ji-eum
  • Composers: Ryan Jhun, Rasmus Budny, Albin Tengblad, Kristin Carpenter
  • Arranged by: Ryan Jhun, Rasmus Budny, Albin Tengblad

I might be okay as a friend. If you become a lover, You might mess up

Oh My Girl appears with the concept of spring fairies and wishing stones. However, the feeling that their song evokes from listeners is not at all that aren’t fairy at all.

Oh My Girl’s ‘Replay’ is a song that continues the genealogy of their previous songs, and is a ‘confessional rejection song’ that is hard to find in the K-pop industry, which is the forerunner of popular music commercialism.

Like TWICE’s ‘Cheer Up’, they have a heart for their opponents, but they don’t keep their distance for the sake of flirting.

It is not recommended to listen to ‘Nonstop’ together.

5. IVE ‘Love Dive’ (LOVE DIVE / 2022.4.5.)

  • Lyricist: Seo Ji-eum
  • Composers: Sophia Brennan, Elle Campbell, Nick Hahn
  • Arranged by: Nick Hahn

Come inside and see it for yoursеlf. You can come into the deepest part of my heart

According to many netizens, the two best songs of the narcissism concept are Gugudan’s ‘A Girl Like Me’, and IVE‘s ‘Love Dive’.

Gugudan’s ‘A Girl Like Me’ is an attractive piece of ‘reinterpretation’ presented through various directings and various symbols, and IVE’s ‘Love Dive’ is considered a work that depicts the Narcissus myth with deep lyrics.

The first skill of a K-pop girl group’s lyricist is to ‘write lyrics in a way that can be visualized’. Visualization here refers to things that are good for making attractive music video visuals, things that are good for creating attractive performances (point choreography if possible), and things that make idols who taking the parts look attractive, etc.

The lyric of ‘Love Dive’ is not only succeeded in telling the myth of Narcissus but also in showing its aspect of ‘visualization’.

6. Le Sserafim ‘Blue Flame’ (FEARLESS / 2022.5.2)

  • Lyricists: Score(13), Megatone(13), Jonna Hall, Gayoung(PNP), Kim Inhyung, danke (lalala studio), Kim Chaewon, Ronnie Icon, Caroline Gustavsson, Heo Yunjin
  • Composers: Score(13), Megatone(13), Jonna Hall, Gayoung(PNP), Kim Inhyung, danke(lalala studio), Kim Chaewon, Ronnie Icon, Caroline Gustavsson, Huh Yunjin

A force that leads me into the fog. Even blue hotter than a flame

The color that comes to people’s minds when thinking of fireworks is mainly red, the passion and effort that flames symbolize are also mainly expressed in red. However, in reality, flames can appear in multiple colors, and among them, there’s the color blue.

You can’t say a blue flame isn’t hot just because its color is red. Therefore, if the color of passion is blue, it doesn’t mean that it’s not passion.

Although the lyrics, melody, and performance of the song are far from the traditional way of expressing passion, its directions are quite understandable.

7. aespa ‘Illusion’ (Girls – The 2nd Mini Album / 2022.6.1.)

  • Lyricist: Itor (La La La Studio)
  • Composers: G’harah ‘PK’ Degeddingseze, Patricia Battani, Steve Octave
  • Arranged by: G’harah ‘PK’ Degeddingseze, Patricia Battani, Steve Octave

“One night’s party attracted you. A trick you can’t block even though you know”

A song that represents the trend of Korea Cyberpunk 2022. The point of its futuristic sound is to depict the ‘goblin fire’, a natural phenomenon that appears frequently in various folktales, and that the object expressed with this sound and this material is a ‘present existence’.

In today’s music market, songs with the message of ‘I will captivate you‘ are not rare and of course, idols and their management companies well aware of this

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