“Reborn Rich” is reconstructed into a terrestrial low life drama… The casting lineup is amazing

The popularity of “Reborn Rich” is on the rise every day. Along with this, viewers’ “sense of fun” is also increasing day by day.

According to the ratings research company Nielsen Korea on Dec 19th, episode 14 of JTBC’s “Reborn Rich“, which aired the previous day, recorded 24.9% (non-terrestrial paid households).

This is its own highest viewership rating. It surpassed “SKY Castle” (23.8%) and became the second highest-rated drama in JTBC’s history.

song joong ki

While the exciting story line and the actors’ immersive acting skills are being considered as factors for the success of the work, viewers presented an unexpected virtual casting lineup.

It was a virtual casting lineup based on actors who usually appear in terrestrial low life dramas (dramas that often start normally but turn absurd as they go to the end).

yoon joo sang

Actor Yoon Joo Sang was preoccupied with the role of Soonyang Group’s Chairman Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min), and actress Kim Hye Ok was preoccupied with the role of Jin Yang Chul’s wife Lee Pil Ok (Kim Hyun).

The roles of Jin Do Jun (Song Joong Ki) and Jin Seong Jun (Kim Nam Hee), the eldest grandson of Soonyang family, were also divided for actors who usually appear in terrestrial low life dramas.

park ji hyun reborn rich thumbnail

Among them, there is a casting lineup that made netizens laugh. It is the casting for the role of Mo Hyun Min (Park Ji Hyun).

For the role of Mo Hyun Min, Lee Chae Young, who gives off an urban image but often appears as hateful sister-in-law characters, was mentioned.

This is spreading around various SNS and online communities, causing laughter for many people.

Source: Insight

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