Yoo In Na shed tears while reading the poem she wrote for IU

Yoo In Na, known as IU’s best friend, shed tears while reading her poem for IU.

Yoo In Na‘s affection for IU was felt.

On April 4th, two episodes featuring Yoo In Na as a guest were released on IU’s YouTube channel.

Yoo Ah In IU

IU said, “You are the type of person who comes to mind when I have to think about the song’s main character when I’m writing the lyrics because you are demonstrative and emotional.”

She explained, “Contrary to what many people think, I’m actually not a very emotional or demonstrative person. But when I look around me, I notice that most of my friends are quite demonstrative and expressive.”

She added, “I find those people to be so lovely. And among those friends, you are the loveliest one. That’s why you’re a good match for the main character in the songs I write.”

Yoo Ah In

It is said that IU and Yoo In Na meet every other week.

Yoo In Na talked about IU, “I’ve just finished filming the drama. For the last 7~8 months, you have given me moral support.”

She expressed her affection, “I couldn’t get through those times like that without you.”

Yoo Ah In IU

Yoo In Na also recited a poem she wrote for IU. The title is “A bead-like child”.

Back then when you loved marshmallow, every time I visited you to pick you up, you always remind me of a bead

In front of the door, which I couldn’t tell if it was the main or side door, looking at tiny you, standing there shining by yourself, I was a little worried what should I do to make you fun

Every time I drove you home late night, I have to yell at you to be careful until you get to the door so I can relieve myself

As you are a small and pretty bead, I was worried if you would fall down into a ditch or fall down into the dark

But turned out, I was the one who always didn’t find the way back

It was me who said “Stay there, I’m coming for you”, but it was you who moved into the house below mine

And I really wanted to present you with good days. Those letters we have exchanged through the night, and those mistakes and innocence that 23 has

It doesn’t matter if they look cheesy. It doesn’t matter if love didn’t work out again. While insisting you are the best, you turned thirty and I turned forty, but still you are a bead-like child in my eyes

If you are welling up with tears, don’t hold it back and think of me. Even if it’s nothing to do with me, I will stay on your side always

Yoo In Na also got emotional while reciting the poem.

She explained, “Every time I picked you up, you looked like a bead. Like, God made you, a small bead, and rolled it down to this world so that you can do many things. I once mentioned this to you before. Those precious memories of you in your twenties and me in my thirties and those lyrics you wrote for me. That came to my mind while I was writing it.”

IU expressed her gratitude, “This is so beautiful and I love that word, ‘Bead’. That’s so precious. I love it so much that I really want to introduce myself that I am a bead. Since you revealed it on our show, I guess from now on, people will call me a bead, right?”

Netizens showed reactions such as “Why am I crying”, “I feel real love”, “So sweet”...

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