IU to reunite with her “one and only soulmate”, Yoo In Na, after 10 years

Actress Yoo In Na and IU, who are known to be best friends, will be appearing together on a broadcast after 10 years. 

On April 3rd, IU announced through her official YouTube channel’s community that actress Yoo In Na will be the next guest for the new episode of IU’s Palette. 

In particular, IU wrote: 

IU-Yoo In Na

“IU’s Palette. The one and only soulmate in the world. “IU IN NA”

The fun conversation between two people who met again after about 10 years on broadcasting

Will be released at 6PM today”

In the attached photo, IU and actress Yoo In Na can be seen posing together at the recording studio for “IU’s Palette”. Here, the two female stars are smiling brightly with hands stretched behind their backs, giving off a warm vibe as if they were siblings. 

IU-Yoo In Na

It has been 10 years since IU and Yoo In Na appeared together on a broadcast, the last time being in the 2013 KBS2 drama “You Are The Best”. Thus, fans showed excitement upon hearing the news, and left comments such as, “Finally, we get to see IU-In Na”, “I never thought I’d see these two on a broadcast again”, and “This is the combination that UAENA (fans of IU) loves the most.”

The close friendship of IU and Yoo In Na is well-known to their fans. In particular, at the Melon Music Awards held in December 2017, IU received the “Album of the Year” award and expressed her deep affection for Yoo In Na, saying, “She is not my blood-related family, but my closest friend, my number one fan, my celebrity, and my muse, Yoo In Na. I am truly grateful to her“. 

Source: wikitree, YouTube

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