“Nation’s First Love” Suzy talks about her latest work “Anna”: Reason why she chose it, her character and more

Suzy recently spent time looking back on her performance in “Anna”. Overcoming anxieties and pressures, she has grown little by little as an actress.

On June 29th, Suzy attended an interview at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul, and talked about Coupang Play’s new series “Anna” she stars in. “Anna” tells the story of a woman who begins living a completely different life starting with her small lie. Director Lee Joo-young of the movie “A Single Rider” took the megaphone for this drama.

First of all, Suzy said, “I got calls from my acquaintances. They all said that they enjoyed watching the drama. Some people questioned the ending without an answer. Many cursed. But there were lots of people who took Yumi’s side”. Suzy then expressed her feelings, saying “I reviewed the script for a long time. The finished work brought back the feelings when I acted. I realized many disappointing parts but I’m amazed by the good viewer responses. It feels so nice.”


The reason Suzy decided to appear in “Anna” is that she wanted to show a new side of herself. “Anna” was a valuable opportunity for Suzy to present a different image transformation. She said, “Sometimes I felt the need for a drastic change, so I was greedy to play in this work.”

As much as her greed for “Anna”, Suzy immersed herself deeply into the story and her character. This is why the word ‘lifetime work’ feels like a dream to her. Suzy shared, “We always have a worry about the performance and success for any work”, adding, “It’s too much for me. I had the desire to show a different tone from the kinds of acting I’ve done so far. Everyone will realize why this work is worth being greedy for. It made me have a vague intention to just ‘steal it’”, expressing her satisfaction with “Anna”.


Suzy, who always feels pressure from acting, pointed out her future attitude, saying, “I’m not used to compliments. I’m trying to do my job silently without worrying about it.”

Suzy focused deeply on her character this time around.  When asked about the atmosphere on the set, Suzy said, “I always paid attention to the atmosphere, but in ‘Anna’, I was particularly immersed into the character’s expression of emotions. I always try to pay attention to the atmosphere of the set, but with this drama, I tried to focus only on my character. I was only thinking of Yumi’s feelings.”


After the release of ‘Anna’, Suzy said that she felt the anxiety the character dealt with. This is because she was very concerned about whether her sympathy when reading the script as an actor could be successfully conveyed to viewers. However, a new challenge became the driving force for Suzy.

Suzy’s analysis of her character appears to be very meticulous, which explains her delicate portrayal of Yumi’s emotions. Suzy did not divide the feelings she was supposed to express into a dichotomy of ‘good and evil’, but just focused on expressing them in the most natural way. Due to the nature of the character who does not showcase emotions well through lines, Suzy included various non-verbal expressions such as facial expressions.


Source: Daum

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