2NE1’s Sandara Park told an 04-line idol that she could be her daughter if she had gotten married early

Singer Sandara Park said the singer “Rubber Band Game” could be of her daughter’s age.

The latest episode of MBC’s “King of Masked Singer,” which aired on March 20th, featured a fierce vocal battle between masked singers. The main characters of the second round were “Rubber Band Game” with IU’s “You&I” and “Already 12 O’clock” with Jaurim’s “Anna.”

After the stage was all over, Sandara Park talked about “Rubber Band Game“: “I think it will be a fourth-generation idol. If this person takes off her mask, she could be of my daughter’s age. I think I would have a daughter this big if I got married a little earlier, so I smiled and watched it like a proud mom.”

“Like lemon candy, she has a refreshing voice that reminds me of vitamins and a melting sweetness. I was sleepy, but it made me wide awake,” she said, praising the refreshing and lively charm of “Rubber Band Game.”

The result of the second round was a 15-6 victory over “Already 12 O’clock.” Unfortunately, the “Rubber Band Game” failed to come to the third round and had to reveal her identity. It was none other than Jihan of girl group Weeekly. “In the team, my representative animal is a rabbit and the day of the week is Tuesday,” the idol said. “People say that I look like a rabbit because my front teeth are visible due to my other teeth being small.” Also, Jihan was born in 2004.

sandara park

“You could be my daughter’s age (if I had one). You remind me of when I first debuted,” Sandara said, “I’m the second-generation rabbit idol. My nickname is Ssan Rabbit. You are the fourth-generation rabbit idol, following me. It’s nice to meet you.”

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