“Is she an overseas Korean?”… Netizens show admiration to “Pachinko” female protagonist’s English skills

Actress Kim Min-ha, who plays the role of teenage Sun-ja in Apple TV’s original drama “Pachinko”, is showing her high-level English skills.

On March 31st, a video titled “Pachinko Kim Min-ha’s English skills in the interview with an American TV program” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Ben Sam English TV“.

The video showed actors Lee Min-ho and Kim Min-ha, who were conducting an interview with overseas media to commemorate the recent opening of “Pachinko“.

In particular, Kim Min-ha surprised viewers with her natural and fast-paced English as if she had lived in English speaking countries for a long time.

Netizens responded that her English pronunciation, gestures and gaze processing were all full of confidence without any sense of heterogeneity.

What is even more surprising is that her English skills are pure “domestic” skills that she has only been to language training for a short time.

Starting with the “Pachinko” premier preview, Kim Min-ha is carrying out her schedules herself without an interpreter at all sites that require English, including video commentary and interviews with overseas media.

Netizens admired Kim Min-ha‘s English skills such as “Above the level of being good”, “Prove that she stands out without blockages” and “She just seems like a person living abroad.”

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