Yuna, Karina, Jang Won-young: Idols With God-like Bodies Revealed How They Took Care Of Themselves

The secret to idols’ beautiful bodies has become a hot topic

Recently, many girl group members are gaining huge popularity for their beauty and stage skills to the extent that the word “the heyday of female idols” has become viral.

Idols with unrealistic their body proportions and doll-like beauty are drawing attention as they are leading fashion trends. At the same time, their honest and realistic secrets to body management are becoming the talk of the town as well.

ITZY member Yuna, who is known for her unrealistically perfect figure in her cover stage of “U-Go-Girl,” appeared on the YouTube channel “Allure Korea” and revealed her secret.

Asked if she usually takes good care of herself, Yuna replied, “I think there are different periods. There are times when I take a lot of self-care and periods when I release myself to feel happy.”

“When I don’t have a lot of work or schedule, I eat late night snacks, don’t work out, and sleep late,” she said. “When I take care of myself, I go to spas, massage, meridians, pilates, reading books and even write diaries. But I don’t do anything when I don’t need to take care of myself.”

Karina, a member of aespa, also revealed the secret to being able to eat a variety of foods during promotion periods.

The idol appeared in Lee Young-Ji’s web talk show and together they enjoyed food such as fish cake soup.

In the show, Lee Young-ji said she heard that Karina eats a lot. While admitting that she is a big eater, Karina said, “I weigh myself every day. If I weigh more than that, I will lose weight on the day. If my pants get tighter, I will stop eating. But I also wear bigger pants.”


When Karina saw Youngji surprised by how much she ate, she said, “I am like a rubber band. I am not a person who does not gain weight easily. I once gained 4kg and lost 4kg a day.”

The singer revealed that after finishing eating, she puts on a padded jacket, sweat suit and tight clothes to make herself sweat and runs for four hours. “That’s how much you ate, and that’s how much you tried to work out. It was something that people didn’t know,” Lee said, expressing her respect.

In addition, it was revealed that Jang Won-young was also diligent in self-management according to people around her.

Kim Na-na once appeared on the web entertainment show “Jae’s Friends,” expressing her love for Jang Won-young, saying, “She works out at the same place where I work out. I heard she comes early in the morning to exercise,” and said that she has never met her.

“I heard she comes at least five times a week. She is a model entertainer. This story made me even like her more,” she said, praising Jang’s diligence.

Moreover, Jang Won-young’s makeup artist once revealed, “I changed my perceptions after doing the makeup for Jang Won-young. I think she’s really born with professionalism,” adding, “Her skin itself is clear and I can’t even find pores. She seems to be taking good care of herself despite her busy schedule. I think the secret is to take care of her skin at home and drink a lot of water.”

Source: Naver

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