Lee Young-ae takes legal action against rumors of close relationship with First Lady Kim Keon-hee

Actress Lee Young-ae sent a legal request for the cessation of broadcast and an apology from the YouTube channel “Open Mind TV”

According to legal sources on October 11th, Lee Young-ae, through her legal representative, requested the cessation of broadcast and indicated her intention to take legal action against the YouTube channel “Open Mind TV”.

“Open Mind TV” is a YouTube channel operated by Citizen Press’ CEO Jung Chun-soo. It has 750,000 subscribers.

On September 18th, “Open Mind TV” posted a video titled “Kim Keon-hee and Lee Young-ae, and Kim Haeng”, which included content claiming that Lee Young-ae has a close relationship with First Lady Kim Keon-hee.

lee young ae

Lee Young-ae’s side refuted the content of the broadcast, saying that it spread fake news without any verification. They demanded an official apology, stating, “As a public figure, she is suffering from the damage caused by misleading public opinion without any basis and insulting a mother of twins.”

Lee Young-ae previously made headlines by expressing her intention to support the fundraising campaign for the construction of the Rhee Syng-man Presidential Memorial Hall, which is dedicated to Korea’s first president. She publicly announced her donation of 50 million won and explained her intentions through a statement.

Source: Nate

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