Female Kpop idol revealed she was offered drugs by another celebrity

Serri, a member of girl group Dal Shabet, revealed that she had been offered drugs in the past.

On April 3rd, a video published by former Dal Shabet Serri became a hot topic on the online community “FM Korea”.


In particular, the video, titled “The dark back world of celebrities revealed by a girl group memberㅣQ&A Behind the scenes of the entertainment world”, was published on Serri’s YouTube channel since way back in 2019.

At the time, Serri said, “Drugs are an inevitable crime right?” and added that although she was in the field of entertainment, drug incidents often happened without anyone’s knowledge. The female idol also expressed her surprise and pity. 

Serri then answered “Yes” when asked if she has ever been offered to do drugs, drawing attention.


“I don’t know If I am allowed to say this, but I will”, the female star said, adding, “One of the other idols brought a pill bottle, which contains something like vitamins.”

“He said ‘you will feel good once you eat this’. He spoke lightly, he didn’t secretly come to me and tell me. Rather, he said, ‘Oh I need to eat some vitamins’ in front of many groups and offered them to people. It wasn’t a very serious matter during that time. Fortunately, I didn’t eat any because my members told me to not take it”, she shared. 

Serri then shocked everyone by saying, “One day, there was an article about that person doing drugs”, adding, “I still want to punch him whenever I think about him. Why did you offer that to me huh? Innocent people could have eaten that without knowing what that is. He has been caught by the police.”

Later, when asked if drug incidents happen frequently in the entertainment field, Serri affirmed that they are uncommon. 

In particular, she answered, “The media tend to focus more on us since we are celebrities, so when bad things happen, the whole world knows. However, these incidents were not frequent”, adding, “Rumors that all entertainers and celebrities do drugs are so not true”.

Source: wikitree

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