“Young Lady and Gentleman” Under Fire for Pedophile-like Content With The Huge Age Gap Between Main Couple

‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ – the new Korean drama that aired episode 1 was controversial because of the characters’ age issue.

‘Young Lady and Gentleman‘ – KBS’s new weekend drama that has just aired episode 1 has reached an extremely high rating – 22.7%, a number that makes a series of blockbusters of famous A-list stars to be wary. However, the content of episode 1 also caused a lot of controversy about the content, especially the age between the two main characters.


In fact, since the announcement of the project, ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ has caused a stir among the audience when it revolves around the love story of a widower with 3 children and a young girl in her 20s. However, everything still stopped at an acceptable level, until episode 1 aired. In episode 1, the drama tells about the past of the two main characters, when they have known each other since Park Dan Dan (Kim Min Seo) was only 13 years old. At this time, the girl seemed to have a crush on a 27-year-old man. This scene was strongly criticized, especially when the two actors were 25 years older than each other.

Specifically, instead of choosing a younger actor to take on the younger version of the male lead, the film’s crew let Ji Hyun Woo do it on his own. As a result, this rather romantic scene is performed by two actors who are 25 years older than each other: Ji Hyun Woo is 37 years old and Kim Min Seo is only 12 years old. Although nothing excessive, the two actors just played games together, rode on bicycles, and confided, the audience was still uncomfortable and thought that this scene… was no different from pedophilia.

Comments from Korean viewers:

Young Lady And Gentleman
  • I wouldn’t be offended if the two characters met in their adulthood. They might be 30 years older than each other and I wouldn’t mind but here they’ve been seeing each other since the female lead was in high school?
  • Is it necessary to use a child actor for this scene?
  • Many international viewers also watch Korean dramas. I wonder what they would think of this image. I feel this would be considered a sensitive issue anywhere in the world.
  • Lolita? What the hell???
  • It seems that the director is very forgiving of pedophilia. Good. Isn’t KBS a public broadcast channel? These manufacturers must have lost their memory.
  • I couldn’t believe my eyes when the crew dared to shoot a close-up of their hands as they started playing video games.
  • The film crew has not yet commented on this controversy.
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