Dragged into Kris Wu’s rape scandal, Fan Bingbing, Jing Boran urgently reported to the police

Fans of Fan Bingbing and Jing Boran were all taken aback when the two artists were dragged into Kris Wu’s shocking rape scandal.

According to the BJH site, on the evening of August 3, rumors began to circulate on social media that Fan Bingbing was also a character in Kris Wu‘s shocking sex scandal. The public was taken into a curve by this news. It’s worth noting that the two artists had a close friendship when they worked together on a TV show.

HOT: Fan Bingbing, Jing Boran urgently reported to the police after being dragged into Kris Wu's rape scandal

However, immediately, Fan Bingbing’s representative immediately published an article denying the rumor, and stated that they had urgently reported the incident to the police. In addition, her fandom also stated, “Hopefully, netizens will handle unverified information appropriately, fight against online rumors, do not trust or spread false information.”

In a similar circumstance to Fan Bingbing, Jing Boran also reluctantly drew attention on August 3 evening. The actor was suddenly linked to Kris Wu’s incident and was rumored to use drugs. Soon later, his studio stated that the event had been reported to the lawyer and the police.

Indeed, after Kris Wu’s scandal got out, many artists were suddenly dragged into it. The public is now paying great attention to the relevant details, but the stars need to be alert and take dramatic steps to protect themselves against the wave of malicious rumors.

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