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“You don’t want to register our marriage because I don’t have money?”… This is what an idol, who has passed his heyday, complains to his wife

Choi Sung-wook (Ace), a former member of group Paran, misunderstood that his wife did not want to register their marriage because he did not have money.

In the first episode of TVing’s Between Marriage and Divorce, which was released on May 20th, the daily life of couple Choi Sung-wook and Kim Ji-hye, who are having a conflict, was depicted.

Kim Ji-hye shared that she fell in love with her husband Choi Sung-wook at first sight when she saw him at a music show and that she had been dating him for two years before they had a breakup. After breaking up, Kim Ji-hye and Choi Sung-wook remained friends for 13 years, they reunited and then got married in the third year of dating.


The two defined themselves as a ‘love-hate relationship’. Kim Ji-hye knows she would have to face a breakup every time they fight but she couldn’t do it easily because of her feelings for him when she was younger. Choi Sung-wook was also well aware that Kim Ji-hye would not be able to let go of his hands.

Choi Sung-wook, who is a freelancer, is doing musical performances and releasing albums. However, his situation would likely be the same as being unemployed when he has no new tasks and work. Naturally, his wife earns more money than him.


Choi Sung-wook angrily said to Kim Ji-hye, “Would you feel sad if you were a man? I don’t want to do the dishes. I also want to do my job. Of course, I’m having nothing to do. But shouldn’t you create an environment where I can work hard?” He continued to pour out his complaint, saying, “Aren’t you on my side? I know I can’t play the role of the breadwinner. You don’t have any trust in me, do you?”

Choi Sung-wook even asked, “Is that why you don’t want to register our marriage? Is it because I don’t have money? You don’t want to do it because you are afraid (that I have no money)?”


Although Choi Sung-wook and Kim Ji-hye have been married for three years, they are still in a common-law marriage.

Choi Sung-wook kept repeating, “You think we will have to spend lots of money all of a sudden if we register our marriage, right? You don’t want to register because I don’t have money, right?”

Kim Ji-hye, who had been staying silent listening to her husband’s words, replied, “You really think I don’t want to register our marriage because you don’t have money? Then why did I marry you? We didn’t have money even before our marriage”. The two continued to quarrel.


Meanwhile, Choi Sung-wook made his debut as a member of the group Paran in 2004. In May, he appeared on MBC’s “King of Mask Singer” and revealed how he had been doing, saying, “I have been married for 3 years but since I have no income, I’m doing the housework.”

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