Yoona and Yuri reveal the irony, “It’s time for people who don’t know who SNSD is”

The humorous story of Yoona and Yuri (SNSD) helped fans recall old memories.

On the evening of September 1, 8 members of the national girl group SNSD appeared on the reality show ‘You Quiz On The Block‘ hosted by MC Yoo Jae Suk. For the first time in 4 years, the girls’ full TV reunion made fans very emotional and extremely excited.

Appearing on the show, Yoona was in tears. She confided, “Although the members often meet each other, they have only appeared on the show until now. We even told each other not to cry on the broadcast.” Hearing that, Taeyeon immediately asked, “Then why are you crying now?”, Yoona sadly replied, “Because just thinking about us appearing together makes me cry.”


The girls have still kept a young and attractive appearance 14 years since their debut. By the way, Yuri and Yoona are also confused with numerous memories. That’s when a teenage fan said: “SNSD jeans? My mother used to wear them”. These words crushed the heart of Yoona.


2nd generation Kpop fans must be no stranger to the colorful jeans in MV ‘Gee’. But many teenage girls who used to be SNSD fans have now become mothers and fathers. “I used to wear Soshi jeans and now my daughter is in 2nd grade”, “We’re so old, we’re going to cry”… many regretful comments left by the girl group’s fans


Moreover, also in backstage of You Quiz On The Block, SNSD also met Olympic athletes who came to film a previous episode. The special thing is that Kim Jae Dok – the 17-year-old archer didn’t know who Yoona was. He was quite “indifferent” when he saw the SNSD’s center. Actually, Jae Dok was born in 2004, and SNSD debuted when the male athlete was 3 years old, in 2007!


Times change, the funny story of Yuri and Yoona reminds many people of old memories. At that time, Soshi, 2NE1, and Wonder Girls were the top 3 girl groups, meanwhile, Big Bang, Super Junior, TVXQ and SS501 were the top idol boy groups. Many people are quite sad because young people now do not know the names that had created that strong Hallyu wave.

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