Agency Addresses Dating Rumors of 14-Year-Old Male Idol, “Misleading and Baseless”

After a 14-year-old male idol’s dating rumors with a 22-year-old stylist and 23-year-old male trainee emerged, his agency finally spoke up

Recently, Kim Gyu-rae, a 14-year-old male idol who is a member of boy group Fantasy Boys, has suffered from a toxic spreading rumors, alongside private footage and chatlog of him.

In particular, the fan in question claimed that they hired a hacker to infiltrate Kim Gyu-rae’s private SNS account, and discovered that he is dating a 22-year-old stylist of the company, and used to date a 23-year-old male trainee. 

Kim Gyu-rae

As a result, on December 18, the agency of Fantasy Boys, PocketDol Studio, published an official statement on the group’s fan cafe, addressing the ongoing rumors targeting Kim Gyu-rae. 

The full statement is as follows: 

“Hello. This is PocketDol Studio.

We would like to provide information regarding Fantasy Boys member Kim Gyu-rae.

Due to the ongoing controversy over personal issues being leaked and circulated through SNS and online communities, we sincerely apologize for causing disappointment and confusion among the team, members, and fans.

However, we want to make it clear the publicly disclosed chat logs are clearly misleading.

The disseminator of the mentioned SNS content is employing malicious methods, including editing messenger conversations and generating baseless facts, spreading information different from the truth, leading to serious defamation of the artist’s reputation.

We ask for your cooperation in stopping the distribution of photos and content that may cause further misunderstandings, and we request that you refrain from speculations related to this incident.

We have been monitoring the facts, collecting evidence, and have identified the unauthorized leaker and disseminator. Today, we plan to submit a defamation lawsuit to the relevant police station.

In addition, for specific individuals, we are considering legal measures not only for defamation of the artist due to unauthorized leakage and dissemination but also for various illegal activities such as cybercrime and threats.

We will respond firmly, without any agreement or leniency, to all secondary harmful actions, including unwarranted leaks and dissemination, as well as any indiscriminate creation and dissemination of the artist’s private life through additional posts, for the sake of the artist and fans.

We will continue to do our best for the management of our artists. Once again, we sincerely apologize.”

Source: Daum

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