“The second Won Bin”… A famous actor who was arrested for drunk driving

Singer and actor Yoo Gun (Jo Jeong-ik, 40) was caught drunk driving.

According to Yongsan Police Station, Seoul on April 12th, Yoo Gun was arrested for drunk driving (violation of the Road Traffic Act) in Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul around midnight on April 7th.

Yoo Gun

At that time, the police, who were dispatched after receiving a report that Yoo Gun was suspected of drunk driving, measured his blood alcohol level. His blood alcohol concentration was at the level of license cancellation (over 0.08%).

The police are investigating the exact circumstance of Yoo Gun’s allegation.

Yoo Gun

After starting his career in the entertainment industry with the group Oppa in 1997, Yoo Gun made his acting debut in KBS’ drama “Hello, God!” in 2006. Afterwards, he appeared in SBS’ “Prosecutor Princess” and JTBC’s “Steal Heart”.

Yoo Gun enlisted in the military in 2011 and was discharged from the military in 2012. It was once known that he gave up his American citizenship to join the military and acquired Korean citizenship, but Yoo Gun explained it himself. After being discharged from the military, he confessed, “I kept missing the time to return to the United States because I couldn’t afford to live there, so I changed my nationality to Korean.”

Yoo Gun

Because of his bold appearance, Yoo Gun was once called the “second Won Bin“. In an interview with a media outlet, he said, “I’ll become a person who surpasses Won Bin.”

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