The reason why Park Ji-hwan and Choi Young-jun went separate ways in “Our Blues”

The reason why Park Ji-hwan and Choi Young-jun, who relied on each other in “Our Blues”, went separate ways has been revealed.

In episode 7 of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues” (written by Noh Hee-kyung / directed by Kim Kyu-tae), the past story of Jung In-kwon (Park Ji-hwan) and Bang Ho-sik (Choi Young-jun) was revealed.


On this day, Bang Young-joo (Roh Yoon-seo) walked hand in hand with Jung Hyun (Bae Hyun-sung) and told him about her future plans. She explained, “Plan A, we’ll tell our dads in detail about our condition this week. We’ll ask for a house to live in and ask them to raise our child. I’ll continue to attend school. The baby will be born during winter break, so there is no problem with attendance.”


Jung Hyun said, “I’ll quit school.” Bang Young-joo asked, “Can’t you attend school with me? What if you want to study later?” Jung Hyun replied, “I don’t want to ask my dad to pay for milk powder and diapers. I don’t like medical school anyway. Even if I want to, I’ll be 25 at most then. I’m still young.”

Upon hearing this, Bang Young-joo said, “You’re reliable. Great. Good. You’re young, so let’s do that. I also set up plan B. No matter what our dads say, we’ll have a baby, so I’m going to go to single mothers’ house to get my room and board.”


On the same evening, the two confessed the truth to their fathers. As Jung Hyun predicted, Jung In-kwon (Park Ji-hwan) threw a punch first, while Bang Ho-sik (Choi Young-jun), who could not beat his daughter, hit himself and screamed. However, despite In-kwon‘s violence and Ho-sik‘s tears, the couple did not lose their will.


“How can it be love between you two? Where will you get the money to raise the baby?”, the two fathers repeatedly asked. Jung Hyun and Bang Young-joo replied, “It wasn’t a mistake. Both Young-joo and the baby, I chose them”, “I’ve never treated my body carelessly. We love each other. It was not a mistake. I was not forced to do so. It’s love”, respectively.

The next day, Jung Hyun and Young-joo went to school and confessed about the fact of Young-joo’s pregnancy. When the counselor told the two to transfer schools, Jung Hyun said, “I’ll drop out of school as of today. But there’s no reason for Young-joo to quit or transfer schools. ‘A student shall not be discriminated against due to pregnancy or childbirth’. It’s in the Ordinance of Student Rights”. In response, the counselor said, “First, bring your fathers to school”.


At the same time, the reason why In-kwon and Ho-sik feel annoyed whenever they look in the eyes of each other was revealed. The words of In-kwon, which were said in consideration of Ho-sik in the past, remained a big scar for Ho-sik. In-kwon advised Ho-sik to stop borrowing from him because Ho-sik kept gambling. When his daughter was starved, Ho-sik brought Young-joo to find In-kwon and asked, “Let me borrow your money for one last time. Young-joo hasn’t eaten anything”. In-kwon, who misunderstood the situation, said, “Does it feel nice to use your daughter for money? You dirt-poor loser”, hurting Ho-sik’s pride. Ho-sik threw away the money he received and started living a new life.

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