Yoon Bo Mi resumes Youtube activities after 3 months, “I’m saying everything now”

On July 1st, Yoon Bo Mi uploaded a new video titled, “I’ve been taking a break from Youtube activities, but I think I can say everything now”, on her Youtube channel “BbomBbomBbom”.

In the video, Yoon Bo Mi said, “Bbosongyi (nickname for subscribers) have been waiting for a long time, right? I’ve been doing Youtube for five years and this was the first time I took a break for such a long time. I missed you all a lot and I think I’ve lost my sense due to the long rest. However, I will try to get it back quickly and show you lots of interesting content.”

yoon bo mi

She continued, “I’ve just moved to a new house. I cleaned up the house and bought a camping car. But then I realized that I couldn’t just leave it there so I went camping on purpose. I also started filming a drama recently”, adding “Therefore, I will focus on Youtube and make more memories with you all for the time being”.

Later, Yoon Bo Mi watched the videos she appeared in one by one to analyze which content her subscribers liked the most. Watching the first video of a baseball pitch, she expressed satisfaction, saying “This is one of my favorite videos. I don’t often watch content that I appeared in but I think I’ve watched this video more than 10 times. Because I looked pretty”.

yoon bo mi

She added, “There are many comments praising my visual, I came out so prettily. I’ve filmed many videos in a casual and comfortable way until now, but it seems like many people want to see pretty Bomi”, promising to showcase her pretty appearance in the future.

The second video was her first collaboration with Youtuber Hong Sam. Yoon Bo Mi said, “It’s a ramen mukbang video. The main reason I started YouTube was that I love watching mukbang videos. I also wanted to do mukbang myself, so I started doing Youtube”.

The female singer shared, “I’m not good at expressing the taste, so all I could do was hitting my forehead or saying ‘Wow!’. But I really enjoyed the food. I think everyone could recognize that. I will continue doing mukbangs that look as real as I am doing right now”.

yoon bo mi

Regarding her low-kick videos, Yoon Bo Mi said, “Many people actually want to experience my low kicks. I’ve never done a fanmeeting through Youtube, but if I were to hold one, I will have a low-kick fanmeeting”, raising anticipation.

Lastly, the Apink member watched the video of her doing volunteer work for abandoned dogs. After finishing the video, she emphasized, “Even if the views are low, I really want to film lots of content like this, and upload the them steadily. I want to do good works together with you all”.

Source: Naver

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