Fans disappointed with the list of ’16 times Big Hit forgot V (BTS) ‘

The merch of Map of the Soul: Tour with BTS’s handwritten designs have just been released, but fans found out that V’s signature was missing the L / S T-shirt version.2 and Jogger pants.

This made the fans dissatisfied, constantly sending questions to the company and posting hundreds of thousands tweets to push the hashtag to the top of the global trending.  Fans asked Big Hit to clearly explain and take back the merch without V’s signature. Many fans in Korea even requested a refund because they did not accept these “defective” merch.

16 times Big Hit forgot V BTS9

This is not the first time Big Hit “accidentally” forgot V. A long list of “16 times Big Hit has forgotten V” is being widely shared on social media, creating a wave of indignation at Big Hit.  V’s fans said that these are not excessive demands or they were overreacting because fans have the right to request fair treatment to the 7 members of the group.

 To name a few times V was “ignored” by the company: “V is the only person who did not appear in the Wings DVD interview”;  “The official Weibo account posted photos of Love Yourself Answer ver L but excluded photos of V until many people complained”;  “At BTS’s  exhibition, staff wrote Serendipity (Ji Min’s solo song) instead of Singularity under V’s photo”;  “Since January 2018, V has not had any Bangtan Bomb solo videos”;  “Big Hit’s official Twitter account shared three articles promoting the Map of the Soul 7 album, the content of which contained all of the members’ solo songs except V’s Inner Child although this song is before another solo song in the tracklist “;  “Big Hit mistakenly wrote V’s birthdate (December 30, 1995) in Season greeting 2019, to December 13, 1995. After being reported, it was edited but continued to make mistakes at the birth year to 1996 “;  “V’s name disappeared twice from the ‘cast & crew’ list in Bring The Soul: The Movie” …

116 times Big Hit forgot V BTS2

 “V is the one who reminded fans to love all 7 people, because V certainly understands the feeling of being left behind and doesn’t want anyone to feel that way. And Bighit treats him like this? It’s already 2020 but things like this still repeat,” one fan commented.

 Big Hit has not yet responded to fans’ complaints. 

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