Yoo Ah In finally attends the second police summons, “I will sincerely cooperate with the investigation”

Actor Yoo Ah In (real name Uhm Hong Sik) attended the second summons for the investigation into his drug use allegation.

At around 9 a.m. on May 16th, Yoo Ah In appeared at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Unit in Mapo-gu, Seoul.


Yoo Ah In wore a black suit and went to the police station with his lawyer. With a somewhat nervous look, he quickly entered the building, leaving only the answer, “I will sincerely cooperate with the investigation”, to reporters’ questions.

Yoo Ah In originally planned to join the second summons on the 11th, but he returned home after arriving at the police station building because many reporters were waiting there. Later, Yoo Ah In’s legal representative explained, “According to the principal, it should have been a private summons, but it turned out that the police already disclosed the summon schedule.”


In response, the head of the National Police Agency’s National Investigation Division Woo Jong Soo said at a regular press conference on the 15th, “Yoo Ah In’s side is very sensitive about the date and time of the summons. It would be best if he coordinates with the attendance date as quickly as possible. If that’s not possible, of course, we will have to consider such measures, including arrest or applying for an arrest warrant”.

A day later, Yoo Ah In presented at the police station and is being investigated. The actor is suspected of taking five types of drugs, including propofol, marijuana, cocaine, ketamine, and zolpidem.

Source: Nate

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