NewJeans’s Hanni Confirms That She Made 5-Second Eye Contact With Ahn Eun-jin At Blue Dragon Film Awards

Actress Ahn Eun-jin indeed made eye contact with her favorite NewJeans member Hanni

Appearing on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” broadcast on December 6th, Ahn Eun-jin revealed a story about when she attended the 4th Blue Dragon Film Awards.

The actress said, “I met NewJeans not long ago”, referring to NewJeans’s performance at the awards ceremony.

She continued, “I’m not lying, my favorite member is Hanni. Hanni looked at me for like 5 seconds. It’s not a lie. Trust me”, adding “But I was looking at Hanni blankly as if I was enchanted, then Jun-yeol oppa, who was right next to me, told me that she was looking at me. So I made eye contact with her for 5 seconds. I thought my heart stopped beating at that moment”, expressing her affection for the NewJeans member.

Yoo Jae-suk then asked, “Who else was next to you apart from Ryu Jun-yeol?”, Ahn Eun-jin said, “Senior actor Yoo Hae-jin”. Hearing that, Yoo Jae-suk commented, “Maybe she (Hanni) was looking at Yoo Hae-jin or Ryu Jun-yeol”. Ahn Eun-jin firmly replied, “But I think it was me. Because we were really close. I kept getting distracted so she must have seen me.”

The video in which Ahn Eun-jin talked about making eye contact with NewJeans’s Hanni became viral and NewJeans members also knew about that. While hosting a live broadcast on December 9th, Newjeans’s Hanni and Hyein mentioned Ahn Eun-jin’s “You Quiz on the Block” episode.

During a livestream for fans, Hanni said, “I saw that. Actress Eun-jin, you were so cute on ‘You Quiz on the Block‘.” Hyein also added, “I saw that, too.” Hanni continued, “I made eye contact with her for 5 seconds during our performance. I kept making eye contact because she was dancing along in front of me. But I didn’t know she would react like that.”

hyein hanni

In addition, when Hyein asked again, “Did you really make eye contact with her for five seconds?”, Hanni emphasized, “Yes.” Hyein then told Hanni, “Actress Eun-jin’s favorite member is Hanni unni,” Hanni responded, “I saw her said that on the show too,” then made a finger heart and said, “I’ll come to you if I see you again.”

Meanwhile, Ahn Eun-jin is having a busy year with MBC’s drama “My Dearest,” which ended last month with syndrome-class popularity. She will reportedly continue her acting career in the upcoming movie “Citizen of a Kind.”

Source: Nate

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