fromis_9 is under fire for repeatedly calling HYBE as “our company”

The incident of this girl group’s announcement makes nets extremely angry, some even call them… shameless!

Recently, on the broadcast of Mnet’s TMI News program, two members fromis_9, Jang Gyuri and Lee Chaeyoung, made seemingly normal statements, but have somehow triggered many netizens.

Specifically, when the program mentioned HYBE corporation, these two girls continuously exclaimed, “That’s our company. Our company is impressive, isn’t it?”, even calling Bang Sihyuk “Our President”.

Two members of fromis_9 repeatedly emphasized, showing their connection with a big company like HYBE

The reason these words are unsuitable is that Knet thinks that these girls are… seeing themselves as a girl group of HYBE when they don’t. Although the group’s management company, Pledis, is indeed a subsidiary of HYBE, Pledis operates completely independently, which means that fromis_9 has nothing to do with HYBE like that.  Moreover, their CEO must be Han Sung Soo – CEO of Pledis, why is Chairman Bang Sihyuk suddenly dragged in?

The group’s past was also dug up by Knets even though they both came from the survival show of Mnet ‘Idol School’, they were still a flop in Kpop. In addition, the show’s results were accused of fraud, the PD was jailed, but the group did not disband and continued to work. Therefore, Knets already disliked fromis_9, now with this incident, they feel even more annoying.

Knet thinks fromis 9 is too “flop”
That’s why they purposely wanted to mention HYBE, to BTS’ agency to attract attention

Some comments from Knets:

  • Look at their proud faces when they say “our company” it’s so disgusting. If you’re embarrassed, don’t be so proud!
  • They have never achieved anything for HYBE but dare to open your mouth to call it “our company”? Even their debut is stealing someone else’s work.
  • At least they know it’s Mnet’s show. How much damage did Mnet take to make this group of failures.
  • Why do you keep trying to mention HYBE all the time?  Both fans and members of this group. Just saying I belong to Pledis is fine.
  • A group that debuted through cheating, with no notable talent. Why are they still able to continue promoting and even get the best benefits?

Sources: kenh14

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