“Drugger” Han Seo Hee happily held a housewarming party all night

Han Seo Hee (26), who used to be a trainee and an aspiring celebrity, has drawn attention by giving an update on her recent activities.

“Drugger” Han Seo Hee happily held a housewarming party all night

On the morning of August 28, Han Seo Hee posted some pictures on her Instagram and wrote, “We’ve known each other for a year and we chatted for 9 hours last night. Now the housewarming party has ended”

As can be seen from the photo, Han Seo Hee was standing in her living room holding a wine bottle. Although people complimented her beauty, she is being indicted without detention for charges of taking drugs during probation.

Han Seo Hee was previously charged with buying 9 grams of marijuana 4 times from July 2016 to December 2016 and smoking marijuana 7 times at her home in Junggu, Seoul. Then she was sentenced to 3 years in prison, 4 years in probation, 870,000 won in fines, and 120 hours of lectures on drugs.

However, in July 2020, she was arrested at the probation center after her urine test came out positive for methamphetamine and LSD. After her hair test resulted in ‘negative’, she was released from detention, but the evidence on her using drugs has been secured and handed over to the trial.

Han Seo Hee is currently communicating with her followers by uploading posts on her SNS.

Meanwhile, Han Seo Hee once appeared on MBC’s audition program “The Great Birth” season 3.

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