Former GFRIEND member Yerin “I cried a lot before standing on the red carpet and then went to the award ceremonies”

Former GFRIEND member Yerin shared the stories of her debut process and after that.

Yerin released a Q&A video through her YouTube channel on March 10th. On this day, Yerin answered various questions such as how she dreamed of becoming a singer, audition, trainee, casting, diet and malicious comments.


Yerin confessed, “I dreamed of becoming a singer since elementary school. If I get into an arts high school, wouldn’t my parents approve of it? I worked hard for two months to prepare. The competition was 4:1. I got really lucky to get accepted.”

Yerin transferred her tips, “All of my casting was during my time at school. (One time) was during an orientation. A person came up without telling me their company and asked, ‘Can I have your number?’ I found out later that it was a big company. After getting the offer, you should take the audition, pass the audition, and then get in. You have to be confident. If you’re not a person who is really good at singing, choose one that goes well with your voice. Don’t put on thick makeup.”


Yerin debuted as a girl group member just before graduating from high school after 1 year and 6 months of training. She said, “Instead of feeling like I’m a celebrity, I thought I should quickly adjust. The time when debuting felt real was when we started getting fans. Even when I’m walking, fans would take pictures of me. It was so interesting. I thought, ‘Am I a celebrity?'”

She also talked about the pain she suffered from malicious comments, “I don’t want to call them commenters. As if it’s a job. When I was so shocked by the hate comments in the beginning, I cried a lot before standing on the red carpet and then went to the award ceremonies. I had to smile in front of people. It was so sad. My eyes were puffy. There were even times I couldn’t eat. I always remember crying in the car.”

She smilingly added, “But you build tolerance to it. After time, you realize they’re just talking behind your back. Just laugh it off.”

Yerin debuted with GFRIEND in 2015. The group was loved for a number of hit songs such as “Glass Bead”, “Me Gustas Tu”, “Rough”, “Navillera”, “Time for the moon night” and “LOVE WHISPER”. After the team disbanded in 2021, Yerin signed an exclusive contract with Sublime and released her first solo album “ARIA” in May last year, 7 years after her debut.

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