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“Wow, please close up” Quachuhyung was surprised when seeing Lee Seung-gi’s hands

On the Sep 4th broadcast of SBS’ entertainment program “Master in the House“, urologist Hong Sung-woo (Quachuhyung) appeared as a guest.

On this day, Hong Sung-woo talked about the myths related to genitals, “It’s usually said that a big nose means a big penis. In ‘The Tale of Sim Cheong’, Bbaengdeok’s mother told Sim Cheong, ‘If you see a bachelor with a big nose, give him a rice cake.’ There’s also a record that a European princess married a man with a big nose.”

He explained, “There’s a thesis that studied correlation. People who live in Gangnam are usually said to be rich, but not everyone is rich. Think of it that way.”

He added, “From my data, it seems that people with long and big noses tend to be like that.Lee Seung-gi said with delight, “I’m better than Dong-hyun, right? I can stop filming here today.”

Hong Sung-woo also introduced a paper that studied the relationship between finger length and genitals. Hong Sung-woo asked the cast to open their hands, and was surprised to see Lee Seung-gi’s hands. Hong Sung-woo exclaimed, “Please close up.”

He explained, “Look, isn’t his index finger overwhelmingly shorter than his ring finger? It’s highly likely that a child like him will be born strong due to the influence of hormones inside the mother’s womb.”

Source: wikitree

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