Yoo Ah-in and Jeon Jong-seo won Best Actor and Actress at the Buil Film Awards

Actor Yoo Ah-in and actress Jeon Jong-seo were named for the “Best Male/Female Lead” at the Buil Film Awards.

On Oct 7th, the 30th Buil Film Awards was held at the BEXCO Auditorium, Haeundae, Busan. The owner of the “Best Male Lead” is Yoo Ah-in, the male lead of the movie “Voice of Silence”.

“To be able to receive this award at such a trustworthy event like the Buil Film Festival is an honor for me. It’s even a bigger honor for me to be able to receive this award from senior Lee Byung-hun and senior Jung Yu-mi”, Yoo Ah-in said during his speech.

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“Senior Lee Byung-hun and I recently filmed a movie called “Match”. Just like “Voice of Silence”, there isn’t any line. After that, I’m filming another work which has a lot of lines to say, and I can’t help but think about the time I didn’t have to do any lines with “Voice of Silence”.

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Yoo Ah-in said, “Going from none at all to doing many lines again, it’s hard to do it, which is exactly like how I did when I was still a rookie. The road in front of me is still very long, with or without lines, with or without my face, I will still do my best to be able to melt myself into the movies I’m in.”

The “Best Female Lead” was presented to Jeon Jong-seo of the movie “Call”.

“Thanks to “Call”, many people have supported me. My role in “Call” – Youngsuk – is the kind of character that I’ve always wanted to do ever since I started this career. I would like to thank director Lee Chung-hyun, my acting partner Park Shin-hye and many other people”, she said in her speech.

She then ended it with an “I will return with more fun and diverse characters. Thank you”.

Source: Insight

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