Kim Soo-hyun’s Acting In “Queen of Tears” Episode 13 Amazes Viewers, “He Deserves A Daesang”

Thanks to the outstanding acting and perfect chemistry of the main couple, “Queen of Tears” continued to be the No.1 drama

tvN’s weekend drama “Queen of Tears” once again created many hot topics after airing episode 13 on the evening of April 20th. Despite competing with prominent dramas, including MBC’s new series “Chief Detective 1958”, “Queen of Tears” still maintained stable ratings. Recording 20.17%, which doesn’t change much compared to episode 12’s rating (20.73%), stayed on the top spot of the Korean drama rankings.

queen of tears

In episode 13, the atmosphere is less intense compared to the previous episodes as Hong Hae-in (Kim Ji-won) finally has a chance to continue her life. However, the fact that she may lose all her memories after undergoing surgery also caused viewers to cry heavily.

The highlight of this broadcast is the series of Hong Hae-in and Baek Hyun-woo (Kim Soo-hyun)’s romantic moments. The two do everything they haven’t done during the past 3 years of their marriage. They move to the house Hyun-woo purchased, eat together, cook together, and spend happy times by each other’s side like a newlywed couple. These sweet moments raise fans’ hope for the HongBaek couple to have a happy ending.

queen of tears

After the broadcast of episode 13, Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won’s perfect acting performances and chemistry also received favorable reviews from the public. In particular, Kim Ji-won impressively showed changes in her expressions with a brighter look and more energy as Hong Hae-in finally immersed herself in love with her husband. Together with Kim Soo-hyun’s affectionate smile and eyes, the two fluttered viewers’ hearts with their beautiful love.

Apart from that, the heartbroken moment when Baek Hyun-woo bursts into tears as he doesn’t want Hong Hae-in to give up on the surgery is also impactful. He confesses to Hong Hae-in about the fact that she may lose her memories and asks her to hold onto life. In particular, the scene where Baek Hyun-woo films a video reminding Hae-in of their love in case she loses her memories after the surgery touched many people and recorded the highest real-time rating throughout the broadcast. 

In response to this episode, netizens commented “Kim Soo-hyun’s acting was amazing, the moment he suddenly stopped while saying”, “I cannot stop crying”, “I cried until my eyes became swollen because of this episode”, “Kim Soo-hyun deserves a Daesang for his acting!! His monologue scene was perfect”, etc.

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