Yong Jun Hyung’s deep confession: “Fans who trust and waited for me keep me moving”

Yong Jun Hyung talked about his true feelings in his new song “LONER.”

On November 25th, Yong Jun Hyung released a documentary film Part.1 video that honestly captured the process of making his latest EP “LONER” on BlackMade’s official YouTube channel.

Starting the documentary film, Yong Joon Hyung introduced the entire album’s message, “Loneliness is a common feeling for everyone, and I wanted to express the freedom that comes from that mood.”

yong junhyung

Then, Yong Joon Hyung honestly shared his daily life and how he made music from it. He said, “The people who trust and waited for me keep me moving. With the thought that I need to touch their hearts, more than a lack of time, I lack a peaceful mind,” he said about the starting point of “LONER.”

Yong Joon Hyung, who usually likes to drive, also revealed how he drives in this documentary film, saying, “Whenever there is a traffic jam, I get dazed, and I think of a lot of new things then. When it rains, I also feel the same way, and many ideas come to my mind then.” He also sincerely confesses, “I feel the most fun and happiest when I get to make music and play it to someone like what I’m doing now.”

yong junhyung

Yong Joon Hyung released the EP “LONER” on Nov 10th. This album has entered the domestic music charts and topped the iTunes top album charts in six regions around the world. Yong Joon Hyung’s sensuous musicality is receiving positive responses from listeners.

In addition to the music video for the title song “Koong,” fans are happy to enjoy various contents such as the choreography video of “Get Over You” and the documentary film. In the future, “LONER” documentary film Part.2 will also be released.

Source: Newsen

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