“The Golden Spoon” releases new still cuts of Yook Sung Jae and Jung Chae Yeon, arousing fans’ curiosity about the twist in their dating scene

Yook Sung Jae, an actor and a member of BTOB, presented a hot and cold romance.

MBC TV’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Golden Spoon” released new still cuts on November 4th. The photos show the dating scene of Yook Sung Jae (as Lee Seung Cheon) and Jung Chae Yeon (as Na Joo Hee).

The Golden Spoon

The two sat side by side on the beach. Their affectionate appearance of them as lovers when making a sand castle and taking pictures together caught the eyes of fans.

However, a twist was soon noticed. In a photo, Yook Sung Jae looked confused as he heard an unexpected story brought up by Jung Chae Yeon. In another cut, Yook Sung Jae showed a serious expression and turned away as if he was angry at Jung Chae Yeon, who was holding his hand.

The Golden Spoon

An official from the production team said, “The two’s date ended with tears in their eyes”, adding “The content of the conversation between them is the center of the next episode”, raising viewers’ expectations.

“The Golden Spoon” is based on a webtoon of the same name. It tells about a boy born into a poor family who accidentally changes his fate with a wealthy friend and becomes an acquired golden spoon.

Meanwhile, the 13th episode of “The Golden Spoon” will air at 10:40 p.m today (November 4th) after the KBO Korean Series and news broadcasts. Episode 14 will air at 9:50 p.m on November 5th as usual.

Golden Spoon

Source: dispatch

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