North Korea Teens Reportedly Prosecuted For Watching the Korean Drama ‘Crash Landing on You’

Some North Korean teenagers caught watching the movie “Crash Landing on You” are said to face harsh prison sentences.

The K-drama “Crash Landing on You” continues to have an influence on its viewers over two years after its release and subsequent rise to global popularity. However, there is still one place in the world where this drama is banned, and that is North Korea.


Specifically, at the end of August, The Daily NK reported that eight North Korean teenagers were put on public trial for watching and imitating characters in many South Korean dramas, including Crash Landing on You. 

TikTok channel @Priscillakwon, an account that updates information about the Korean peninsula, has spread a video revealing how six teenagers have been sentenced to jail after being caught watching and reenacting South Korean shows, referring to another similar incident from earlier this year via local news site Insight. The video has attracted more than 300,000 likes so far.


North Korean teens going to JAIL after being caught watching CLOY. #crashlandingonyou #kdrama

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While it’s not clear exactly what happened to the teenagers in the latest incident, it’s not new for North Koreans to face harsh punishment for entertainment-related crimes. In April, a man was reportedly executed in public for selling CDs and USBs containing Korean cultural and entertainment programs.

Crash Landing on You is about Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) – a rich and beautiful Korean heiress. Due to an accident, she crossed the Korean territory and landed in North Korea. She was fortunately saved by North Korean soldier Ri Jeong Hyeok (Hyun Bin). The two begin a love that is hindered by ethnic conflicts between the two countries. The drama became the second highest-rated work in South Korea’s television history, highly praised for showing the lives of North Koreans. And for that very reason, this movie is definitely banned in North Korea.


It is said that North Korean authorities have urged citizens to report similar activities following passing a law on “eradication of reactionary cultural ideology” last December. The Kim Jong Un government also took strong measures against the invasion of Korean culture in this country. Previously, Kim Jong Un stated that “Kpop is dangerous cancer”.

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