Top Star Doesn’t Want To Raise A Dog But Rents One For Every Trip

Travel agent Rob DelliBovi, who runs RDB Hospitality, talked about a strange requirement of a celebrity he’s worked for

On February 21st, Rob DelliBovi, a travel agent and concierge for celebrities, appeared on Joe Pardavila’s podcast “Good Listening” and told a shocking story about the weird habit of a celebrity whenever they go on a trip. Rob DelliBovi said, “That celebrity asked me to bring a medium-sized dog to stay with them at their accommodation”.

Rob DelliBovi explained, “There is a celebrity who really likes dogs so they ask me to bring a medium-sized dog to their hotel room every time they visit. The celebrity needs a dog whenever they visit, but they don’t want to raise their own dog and go traveling with it. They just want to borrow the dog”.

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The travel agent surprised podcast listeners when he said, “Because of that person, there was once when I had to borrow medium-sized dogs in all the cities they would come in advance”, adding “I had to ask local shelters and hotel staff if I could borrow their pet for one or two days”.

Rob DelliBovi revealed a clue that the celebrity who was obsessed with renting medium-sized dogs turned out to be a musician. He said, “They normally don’t stay in one place for long when doing music tours. Sometimes they just need to stop at a place briefly and there are cities where they only stay for a few hours. In that case, we would ask the celebrity if they need a dog for 3-4 hours. For example, if the celebrity comes to Minneapolis, I would quickly call a friend and ask, ‘Do you know anyone who has a medium-sized dog and is willing to let us borrow it for 24 hours for about $500?’”. 

In addition, Rob DelliBovi added that he made the celebrity sign a document, stating “It’s not the owner’s fault if the dog bites or kills you”, in order to rent dogs.

Source: Daum

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