Han Ji Min, “I traveled to Greece, Switzerland, France & Japan with mom. I paid for all the expenses”

Actress Han Ji Min revealed the story of her overseas trip with her mother.

On August 20th, the official Youtube channel of W KOREA uploaded a new video titled “200% practical items recommended by Han Ji Min, who is serious about taking care of inner beauty”.

Introducing her cloth bag with an oriental mood, Han Ji Min said, “I don’t usually carry a bag around, but when I have a shoot, I put various things in this small bag and take it along like using an eco bag. I bought it during my trip to Greece with mom”.

While revealing her favorite foundation, the actress smiled and shared, “Actually, it was my mom’s, but it suited me better so I took it. I didn’t put on makeup when wearing a mask. After the Covid-19 pandemic, we no longer need to wear a mask so I started putting on makeup again. I took it from my mom because her skin already looks so good”.

han ji min

When asked, “Was there any trouble during your trip with your mother?”, Han Ji Min replied, “Actually, mom is more flexible than me so we don’t argue. People often worry that they might fight when traveling with their moms, but I got along well with my mom and we’ve traveled together to various places, such as Switzerland, Japan, and France.”

She continued, “We bought couple slippers during our trip. Moms never let us buy anything for them, right? Of course, I paid for the trip expenses and bought her a massage chair”, proving herself as a good daughter.

In addition, Han Ji Min also introduced her favorite lip products and eyelash curler. The actress said, “I always do these two things even when I don’t put on full makeup. I’m not confident enough to go out without doing lip makeup. In the past, I only do my eyebrows, but now, I must also apply lipstick. I took this from my older sister.”

Source: Daum

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