ARMYs shocked at BTS Jungkook’s videos on Instagram…”Our Jungkook is drinking alone? I can run to you anytime”

Does it make sense that our Jungkook is “drinking alone”????

Jungkook is drinking alone

ARMYs were in shock.

Recently, BTS Jungkook uploaded a series of videos on his Instagram.

Judging from these videos, it is understood that Jungkook is enjoying alcohol-related content on Netflix that day.

Jungkook is drinking alone

Jungkook, who recently returned from various schedules such as face-to-face concerts in the United States, is in self-quarantine. A state in which it is impossible to go out.

Active members may not be accustomed to the sudden vacation, but Jungkook is uploading photos and videos to commemorate his recent Instagram opening.

Meanwhile, fans who saw the videos expressed their regrets such as “Does it make sense that our Jungkook is ‘drinking alone’?”, “I can run to you anytime”…

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