TXT’s Fans Demand HYBE to Fire a Staff with Another Protest Truck 

On January 22, a topic titled “Another protest truck went to HYBE” was published on the Korean forum “theqoo”, drawing over 40,000 views and almost 300 comments after a few hours. 

It is known that the truck is sent by TXT’s fans, who want HYBE to fire a staff member – in this case TXT’s director. 

In particular, the truck displays messages such as, “BigHit still hasn’t learned anything despite the views from its Challenge and Cover video for 5 years”, “TXT’s lackluster director needs to leave after (his) zero impact and zero harmony choreography”, “Anyone can be so-so in 3 years, but it has been 5, and we have been patient long enough. Replace TXT’s director”, and “BigHit is the only agency to give an unqualified director full control of its artist”. 


Previously, fans of TXT have also voiced their frustrations over TXT’s dangerous yet unimpactful choreographies by sending a protest truck to HYBE. Now, it seems that they are taking their concerns directly to the one in charge.

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Is this real… The members must have struggled a lot. Even if they look fine on the outside, they seem to be in pain here and there… Why is the director forcing them to do those choreography 
  • TXT’s fans, fighting!
  • The choreographies are indeed terrible. I’m not a fan but even I am clenching my fists looking at them 
  • Idols are also human beings… Those dangerous choreographies can seriously hurt them and they are not even satisfying to see
  • Hah… HYBE really needs to change its personnel. Does this director have no sense at all?
  • Gosh.. I really hope this will be improved

Source: theqoo

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