Nana appeared in public with tattoos all over her body… The agency made this position

Former After School member-actress Nana’s full-body tattoo attracted many people’s attention. In this regard, her agency briefly revealed their position.

According to Osen on Sep 21st, regarding Nana‘s full-body tattoo, the agency issued a statement saying, “Please understand that it is difficult to answer because it is the artist’s private life.”

On the morning of Sep 20th, a press conference for the movie “Confession” was held at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. Lead actors Kim Yun-jin, So Ji-sub and Nana attended the event.


On this day, Nana drew a lot of attention as she drew various tattoos on her arms, thighs, calves, collarbones and ankles. Nana posted several pictures on Instagram but left no caption mentioning tattoos, raising curiosity.

Meanwhile, “Confession” starring Nana depicts a story about Yoo Min-ho (So Ji-sub), who has been pointed out as the culprit of a locked-room murder, and his lawyer Yang Shin-ae (Kim Yun-jin) approaching the truth. It will be released on Oct 26th.

Source: wikitree

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