YG Removes Individual Profiles of All BLACKPINK Members from List of Artists on Website

The removal comes after YG confirmed that BLACKPINK had only signed a collective contract for group activities, and none of the members renewed with YG for individual contracts.

Meanwhile, following the disappointment in the renegotiation of BLACKPINK’s contract, YG’s stock prices took a dip. 

yg blackpink

The securities firm estimated a 3% year-on-year drop in YG’s revenue for the previous year, totaling 121 billion won. Operating profit was projected to decline by a significant 50%, falling to 78 billion won.

However, experts emphasized that YG’s current stock price reflects an excessive level of market concern, suggesting that the decline might have been too severe, completely ruling out BLACKPINK’s future activities. 

The contract for BLACKPINK’s group activities remains intact. Only their individual pursuits are now independent of YG Entertainment. 

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