Yeri earned compliments for her stunning appearance and excellent performance during Red Velvet’s recent comeback

Many netizens believe that Yeri has really improved her performing skills and has become much more attractive.

On August 16, Red Velvet released the mini-album Queendom. The SM female group’s comeback drew a lot of attention on Kpop forums. Fans believe Red Velvet‘s comeback to be a huge success. Despite the fact that the group has been active for 7 years and was involved in some controversies last year, digital music ratings, album sales, and netizen reactions have all been positive.

Yeri has received numerous compliments on Pann Nate these days. Knets had previously scolded the female idol, but this time, Red Velvet’s maknae has been praised for her advances in dancing skills as well as her appealing visuals. Yeri drew attention during the online fan meeting on August 16 with her attractive stage presence, as well as her flexible and decisive dancing skills, which effectively conveyed the group’s concept.


Fans said that Yeri improved a lot in comparison with earlier. Her fit body and stunning outfits have also helped Yeri generate attractive visual effects when doing choreographies. As the group has had 2 years of hiatus, the development of the maknae is much more noteworthy.

Knets also think the female idol is one of the most attractive members during the group’s comeback. Yeri’s stage look is quite lovely, especially in comparison to her rather odd concepts in the teaser images, and the makeup tone is also appropriate for her fresh and vibrant beauty. Yeri’s appearance improved dramatically after she lost weight. Fans are looking forward to the Queendom promotion stages to enjoy the “visual party” of Yeri as well as Red Velvet members.

Some comments from netizens:

  • Wow what’s up with Yeri? Freaking pretty
  • They all looked pretty but Yeri was really legendary… I kept looking at her
  • Yerim said that she lost a lot of weight recently and her styling is just legendary; she’s freaking cute and pretty
  • The maknae was very pretty this time
  • Legendary god-baby
  • Freaking pretty Yerim
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