Oh My Girl’s Arin and other K-drama actresses with the best historical look in 2022 

While there are not much historical K-dramas hitting the school in 2022 so far, most have impressive qualities 

Historical K-dramas not only impress with their intricate plots, but also the extensive scale of world-building, from backgrounds to clothing. Therefore, the styling of female characters is among the most important elements in historical K-dramas, and below are some with the most impressive outfits.

Kim Hye Soo

It seems that Kim Hye Soo is having a quite prolific year in 2022, as after the success of “Juvenile Justice”, the actress is already returning in the upcoming tvN drama “The Queen’s Umbrella”. 

In this new series, Kim Hye Soo will transform into the gentle and classy queen Hwaryeong, who is also careful with every action. However, her son is a naughty prince, and she needs to fight and change her son into a better person.

While not much is revealed about “The Queen’s Umbrella” so far, the few still images of Kim Hye Soo already exuded a regal aura through her gaze and expression. Her red hanbok also gives off the feeling of power and elegance, adding to the character’s charm. 

“The Queen’s Umbrella”, which is scheduled to air in October, is already drawing attention through the appearance of Kim Hye Soo.


Oh My Girl Arin made a grand acting appearance this year with a supporting role in the famous K-drama “Alchemy of Souls”. Here, she stars alongside Jung So Min and Lee Jae Wook, and plays Jin Cho Yeon – an arrogant lady who grows up in a rich and powerful family. 

Through his portrayal, Arin managed to surpass expectations, and delivered a natural and cute acting performance, along with an intense chemistry with her acting partner. 

Most noticeable of all though, has been Arin’s gorgeous styling in all sorts of fluffy hanboks in bright colors and unique makeup, leading to a fresh and bright image. 

Kang Han Na

Kang Han Na finally landed her first lead role in the drama “Bloody Heart“. This time, the actress had the opportunity to pair up with Lee Joon.

Kang Han Na’s character was originally the daughter of a noble family and was married to the King. She is a wise queen who deeply loves the King. Because she is the head of the palace, her costumes are all sophisticated and diverse. Outstanding colors are preferred by Kang Han Na. Through “Bloody Heart”, Kang Han Na also drew much praise for her emotional acting and stunning visuals. 

Prior to this, Kang Han Na became familiar to K-drama viewers thanks to her roles in famous series such as “My Roommate Is A Gumiho”, “Start-Up”, “Moon Lovers”, etc. Although she often took on supporting and second lead roles, with her beauty and skills, she often stole the show. 

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